easy summer corn with basil + parmesan cheese {a non-recipe recipe}

  This is probably the best thing you could do with all that corn from the farmers market... Just sayin'. It's my new obsession. 

This is probably the best thing you could do with all that corn from the farmers market... Just sayin'. It's my new obsession. 

Walking into the doctor's office makes me smile now because I’ve entered a room full of women who look like they’re wearing beach balls underneath their clothes. It’s comforting. I don't get starred at or pummeled with lots of questions. I get empathetic smiles and nods. I’m with my people. 

My last doctors visit they played nothing but country music in the waiting room. I know, I know, country music is great, but it’s just not my thing. I like some songs, but listening to songs about muddy boots, ex-lovers and rear view mirrors being torn off for an hour straight was painful. What made it worse was the woman next to me kept singing out loud to almost every single song trying to harmonize. She was so off that I involuntarily squinted and tilted my head, as if it would help her get on pitch. (For the record, I sing and I love to harmonize too.) After about 45 minutes of this I had to get up to “go to the bathroom” because for the love of pete.

By the time I returned from the restroom she was gone. I was happy though, not that she was gone (although I guess I was, lol) but that she felt comfortable enough to sing so loudly at the doctor's office. She must of felt the same way I did, that she was with her people.  

Thank you for being my people too dear readers. I am grateful for you. Love you friends. 

Ps. If there's any recipe you'd like to see on here - I'd love to hear about it. Comment below or email me. xo

summer basil corn with parmesan cheese 

There's no real recipe here - more of a suggestion of assembling ingredients. It's a combination of flavors that people go nuts over. People, meaning my family, but you're my people too. So, I'm assuming you'll totally fall in love with this combo. It's so easy and people will praise you.  I'm promise. I'm obsessed. 

note: Have fun with this. You can't go wrong so please don't stress about measuring - adjust your butter, basil and cheese based on how much corn you have. I've noticed the smallest amount of basil goes a really long way. 

6-12 ears of fresh corn, shucked and kernels removed from the cob 

4-6 tablespoons or so salted butter, preferably organic

handfuls of fresh basil, chopped

handfuls of freshly grated parmesan cheese (please don't buy that pre-shredded stuff!) 

salt and pepper to taste  


After shucking the corn, use a sharp knife and a steady hand to strip the kernels from the cob. Be careful as you do this! Set the free kernels in a large bowl. 

Chop basil finely and shred your parmesan cheese. 

Heat up your pan (any pan that will fit the corn will do) and throw in your tablespoons of butter until butter bubbles and melts. Note: Depending on how much corn you have, you may need to cook it in batches. 

Add corn kernels and toss in butter. 

Heat the corn through for about 2-4 minutes. You don't need to cook it that long. 

Add freshly chopped basil and cheese, reserving some of each to sprinkle on top to serve. Serve immediately.