buttermilk oats with dark sugar and raspberries

  Simple and nourishing yet still feels indulgent because of the touch of dark sugar. This breakfast is more of an idea than a recipe, but one to keep and make again and again. 

Simple and nourishing yet still feels indulgent because of the touch of dark sugar. This breakfast is more of an idea than a recipe, but one to keep and make again and again. 

This might be weird for you, this whole buttermilk and oats thing, but it's kind of my like my life right now. Weird. Wonderful. Unexpected. Also, I'm 100% sleep deprived, so give me alllllll the carbs. 

My sweet boy got sick with a cold, and we've completely regressed with the whole sleeping thing and after a week of waking up 3+ times a night, and not really napping, this mama's about to lose it. So now that he's all better, we've hit sleep training hard. Real hard, because I've just realized that I haven't slept longer than 3-4 hour stretches in 6 months.

It's time.

I'm so tired of being so tired. 

So while it's probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced other than childbirth, (because he cries endlessly when we lay him down and he just has to to work it out) sweet boy is slowly learning that he CAN have a decent bedtime, that naps are a luxury to be enjoyed NOW (I told him, trust me you're gonna want these when you're an adult) and that he doesn't need to party with mom and dad all night (but mostly mom)

John's all about sleep training but I needed some more emotional support. After a good phone call with my mom she reminded me that I deserve sleep, and that he's old enough and strong enough, so it's time to put on the tough-cookie pants and bucker up with the sleep training. "It'll break your heart but he's got to learn." She also told me, "Remember that a happy mom, a "well rested" mom is better mom. It's good for you and it's good for him."   


It's been really hard to think of myself lately. So my mom telling me I deserve sleep and here's how to make it happen had me doing gospel choir praise hands. (ps. I have a thing for gospel choirs. Like, as in it's a dream of mine to sing in one one day and have the congregation clap with me and have a gut-busting solo.)

Being pregnant, recovering from birth, breast feeding and having a baby that doesn't sleep - all of it just kinda makes me crave some "me" time.... and also, I want my body back. I feel like more sleep will maybe help with this?

Moms, how do you strike that balance of being mom and "it's about me right now small one, please just chill". Is there such a thing? I haven't found it yet.... although sleep training is training me to be tougher and weirdly think of myself.... And being stricter about nap time is helping me gain some much needed breaks throughout the day: hello, sanity, I've missed you. 

Anyway these oats are not really a recipe - more like a suggestion of ingredients and a good breakfast that can easily be made ahead of time and then heated up quickly in the morning. And I've been really into them because I need something to persuade me to stop drinking so much hot chocolate. 

May your weekend be filled with at least one nap, some "you" time and a warm bowl of breakfast. xo 


buttermilk oats with dark sugar and raspberries 

serves 2

I love the tang of the buttermilk with the brown sugar here... and the burst of tartness you get from the raspberries is just perfection. If I had my own brunch bakery, this bowl of goodness would totally be on the menu. 

bakers note:  I love buying fresh raspberries and then freezing them so they remain beautifully whole. Since berry season is just starting to bud around here, imma about to stock up. Woot-woot!


1 cup steal cut oats 

4 cups filtered water 

1/4 tsp kosher salt 

1/2 cup buttermilk or any milk of your choice if you buttermilk weirds you out

2ish tablespoons muscovado sugar (or dark brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, or any sweetener of your choice) 

hand full of frozen raspberries, crushed

additional toppings (optional) unsweetened coconut, chia seeds, walnuts, and more milk of your choice


Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and then add 1 cup of steal cut oats + salt. Simmer until the oats have absorbed the liquid but are still a bit saucy, add more water if needed. Stir in 1/2 cup buttermilk and top with dark sugar, raspberries and other toppings of your choice.